Local Businesses and Services

Moore Park Beach offers residents and visitors a range of businesses across retail, accommodation, health services, real estate, dining, home hardwares and sports. The Community Association operates a comprehensive business directory in which business proprietors and service providers may request to be included.

The Community Association is developing a range of opportunities for businesses to leverage advertising and promotion activity across the print and electronic media, allowing business to increase revenue and profitability at a moderate price. To participate, businesses are encouraged to contact the Community Association by clicking here.

Many of these businesses and services are based in Moore Park Beach, and, as well, many Bundaberg businesses and services are quite willing to carry out their activities in Moore Park Beach. The types of businesses and services are shown below, and clicking on any of these types will give a list of the local and Bundaberg businesses and services that belong to that type, and then clicking on any of the specific businesses and services will give a more detailed description of that item, including location and features. A particular business or service may be listed under more than one heading in the list below.